September 1, 2015

John Guevara Wins First Sully District Debate

CHANTILLY, VA – John Guevara was the clear winner of yesterday’s first debate in the race for Sully District Supervisor.

“I had a wonderful time tonight,” said John Guevara on Monday evening. “My team and I have knocked over 16,000 doors and I am hearing what people are saying about the problems in Sully. I am going to be a Supervisor who listens to the community and I was excited to have the opportunity to discuss my plans to make Sully an even better place to live, work, and raise a family.”

Guevara discussed specific steps he would take to encourage business development in Sully District including streamlined permit and zoning processes, the widening of I-66 that includes HOT Lanes to ease traffic congestion, and the reduction of fees to do business in the County.

In contrast, Kathy Smith repeatedly emphasized the need for more business centers similar to the Mosaic District but offered few specific examples as to how she would encourage economic growth in Sully District. She also outlined her plan to increase taxes on Fairfax families and indicated that she has no plans to ease tax burdens on small business by saying, “We’re already attractive to business.”

After the first debate, it’s clear that John Guevara is the only candidate with the fresh ideas and right solutions for the real problems facing Fairfax County. Kathy Smith offered rhetoric giving the impression that she will bring the same shortsighted fiscal mismanagement she executed on the School Board to the Board of Supervisors.