October 18, 2015

Guevara for Supervisor Campaign Demands Retraction and Apology From The Washington Post

CHANTILLY, VA – Today the John Guevara for Supervisor campaign demanded a retraction and apology from Lee Hockstader and the Washington Post for a vicious attack on John’s parents calling them “illegal immigrants” when they came to the United States legally. The attack on John and his parents also attribute positions to Guevara on immigration that are flat out lies.

“I am a first time candidate so this came as a shock to me that a newspaper would just flat out lie about your positions and attack your parents. But I am learning quickly that the disdain for the Washington Post in many circles is well deserved,” said Guevara. “That is why I have sent a letter to the Washington Post demanding an immediate retraction and apology to me, my family, our campaign and supporters.”

In an article produced by the Editorial Board and fueled by questionable journalist Lee Hockstader’s shoddy research, the Washington Post’s vicious attack asserts that because John’s parent’s immigrated from Mexico, that they did so illegally. They were in fact legal immigrants.

“What we’re seeing is a hit piece to aid our opponent’s campaign,” said Campaign Manager Sean McCort. “This atrocious attack is no doubt a reaction to John’s status as the front runner in this race. Having won the key competitive endorsements in this race from the Fairfax Chamber of Commerce’s NOVABizPAC, The Virginia Police Benevolent Association, and The League of Conservation Voters; Latinos con McAuliffe Steering Committe Member Carlos Castro, Supervisor Michael Frey, Delegates Tim Hugo and Jim LeMunyon (all of whom represent Sully District) show John is clearly a candidate cut from a different cloth and the clear favorite of voters in Sully District.”

The yellow journalism also misrepresented Guevara’s position on immigration in an attempt to embroil Sully District’s front runner in the hotly contested 2016 Presidential election. Guevara’s actual position on immigration calls for enforcing our laws and compassionately managing the consequences for individuals who enter the United States illegally. Guevara’s full position can be found here: http://fairfaxfreecitizen.com/2015/04/12/guevara-on-role-of-government-and-security/