Why I’m Running


I’m running for Supervisor for one simple reason:  Fairfax County has problems and I believe I can help solve them.  My mother always told me that I wasn’t good at sitting still and she was right.  When I see something not working, I want to get it fixed.

Our community is a great place to live and raise a family, but we have problems that have been ignored for too long.  From transportation, to education, to taxes, the story is the same.  Our government has gotten too big;  it’s not doing its job well, and it’s wasting our tax money.  It doesn’t have to be that way and I’m running to fix it.

Fixing budgets and solving complex problems is what I do every day at work. As a project manager, I oversee $120 million budgets.  I make sure they are efficient, effective and that they get the job done.  By using those same principles here in Fairfax we can improve our schools, reduce gridlock and make better use of our tax money.

You work too hard to have your hard earned tax dollars wasted.  I’m running for Supervisor to stop the waste and make Fairfax an even better community for all of us.