Better Budgeting

As your Supervisor, I’ll work to spend our tax money efficiently by eliminating duplication, redundancy and waste in our budget.  I’ll ensure the County is delivering quality services and you are seeing a return on investment for your hard earned tax dollars.


A Plan for Transportation

When looking at new road projects, we need to prioritize those that relieve congestion over everything else.  Using private-public partnerships, I’ll work to systematically expand our roads to reduce congestion so people can spend more time with their families and less time in traffic.


Improve Our Schools

I’ll fight to get our education dollars out of the bureaucracy and into our classrooms to address the budget shortfall, reduce class size and raise teacher salaries to retain and attract the best teachers to our schools.


No Tolls, No Way

I’m opposed to the plan to add tolls to I-66 without widening it.  That’s just a plan for the government to get in your pocket without doing anything to solve our transportation problems.  My opponent refuses to even take a position on this issue that will harm Fairfax families.